As we know, recycling is only possible if at home and at work we do the separation of the waste and put them in the ecopoints.

After being placed in the ecopoints, the debris is sent to Sorting Stations where a more rigorous selection is made. Once sorting, the garbage is compacted and baled by type of material, and then transported to the Recycling Companies.

Separating has many advantages not only environmentally but also economically.

In order to promote the recycling of materials, Valorsul has instituted that the discharge at the Triage and Ecocentro Center is totally free.

The delivery of waste for recycling in the Triage and Ecocentro Center, allows to avoid the costs of disposal, destruction and the Aggravated Waste Management Fee practiced in the Sanitary Landfill and in the Center for the Treatment of Urban Solid Waste.

More advantages in recycling:

  • Saving Energy - producing materials from waste consumes less energy than making them through virgin raw materials. Many of the energy resources saved are non-renewable sources of energy, such as oil.
  • Saving Raw Materials - using waste from selective collection is one of the most effective means of saving raw materials such as wood, sand, tin or aluminum. The recycling of plastic contributes to a decrease in oil consumption. The valorization of the metal packaging allows to save ores. Using recycled glass in the production of new packaging saves the river beds from which the sands used to produce this material are removed. The use of recycled paper pulp and the recycling of wooden packaging prevents the slaughter of thousands of trees.