Let's Clean Up Europe!

The "Let's Clean Up Europe" initiative started in 2014, and consists of organizing, by volunteer teams, and with the support of a national or regional coordinating body, actions to clean public spaces. These actions take place across Europe on the same weekend in early May.

This year from 12 to 14 May will have its high point but more actions will happen by the end of June.

The objective of the project is to generate awareness for issues related to the production of waste by citizens and, at the same time, contribute to the cleaning of natural spaces (such as beaches, land, forests, etc.)

In 2016, 5,800 initiatives were registered across Europe that brought together some 500,000 participants. In the area of ​​Valorsul, which is the regional coordinator of the initiative, 18 cleaning actions were carried out, involving about 815 participants.

If you also believe that it is possible to build a better environment, join this movement and arrange a cleaning action or appear at one of the cleaning locations listed below.

Check in the file the actions that will be carried out in the Valorsul area.

How to organize a cleaning action?

Valorsul provides a technical file with all the necessary information to perform a cleaning action. In this document you will find all the steps to follow so that your action is a success!

For more information, you can contact the Valorsul Communication and Awareness Area(joana.xavier@valorsul.pt) or check the website www.letscleanupeurope.eu.