The Ecovalor Program is an environmental education and awareness program directed exclusively at the school community on the theme of urban waste, in partnership with municipalities.

In the previous edition of the Ecovalor Program, awareness-raising, visits, school competitions and the delivery of information materials were carried out. 167 tons of paper / carton were collected by almost 13,000 students from 80 schools and 233 tons of plastic and metal. About 50,000 students from 253 participated. The monetary awards totaled € 4,200 for the Ecoponto Blue and € 24,700 for the Yellow Ecoponto contest.

The school that most plastic and metal separated, with 7.553 kg, was awarded 1000 €. With 15,807 kg collected, the school that more paper / card separated received a prize of 400 €.

If you want to request materials, participate or obtain information you can do it through the following contacts:

Valorsul - Direction of Communication, Image and Documentation
Phone: 219 535 900
Fax: 219 535 935