In this area, the forms necessary for the use of the Valorsul system are available for download. After completing and sending to email shall await a written reply from Valorsul granting or not authorization. It will be shipped no earlier than 48 hours.

​Regarding the Organic Treatment and Valorization Station, the issuance of authorization to use it is conditioned to compliance with the contamination limits defined for this Unit and the operating needs of the facility. For more information contact us.

Before each weighing, it is essential that the driver of the vehicle deliver the duly filled "GAR - Waste Management Guide" with the customer number inscribed on the line "Name and address" of field 1 "Produtor/Detentor" .

Only after verification by the official of the ordinance of the correct completion of said Guide, it will be possible to access the weighing zone through the electronic card. After weighing and unloading the waste, the employee will return the copy of the Guide duly validated by Valorsul (Field 3 "Destinatário").

It should be noted that the waiting of the vehicles, during the period of verification of the Guide, must be made in a place duly marked for this purpose.

The aforementioned "Waste Accompanying Guide" must be obtained from the National Printing House Mint (Tel.: 217 231 370), through the reference "model nº 1428" or through the internet in:, selecting "Ministério das Cidades, Ordenamento do Território e Ambiente - Instituto de Resíduos - Modelo n.º 1428".