Valorsul provides services for the reception and treatment of municipal waste from various sources. We also collect recyclables. Get to know, in detail, the various services we provide to municipalities, companies and the population.

Placing of ecopoints and selective collection of recyclables

This service is provided directly to the residents and operates in the 14 municipalities of the western region served by Valorsul. To this end, the company has more than 7,000 containers, distributed by about 2500 locations, and maintains a fleet of 14 vehicles.

There is no room for the direct payment of this service by the families, since it is the system responsible for the management of packaging and packaging waste which gives Valorsul financial consideration for the placement of ecopoints and the collection of packaging, depending on the quantity of packaging sorted and sent for recycling.

Receipt of selective waste

Service provided in the eco-centers and sorting centers for multi-material valorization. There is no place for the payment of this service by the families or companies.

Receipt of biodegradable municipal waste from selective deposition at ETVO

Receipt of waste for organic recovery / recycling. The discharge license implies payment of a deposit rate, which may vary by the amount of contamination of biodegradable municipal waste (RUB).

Receipt of undifferentiated deposition residues

Service available at the Energy Recovery Center, and at Landfills, for disposal. The discharge license implies payment of a deposit charge.

Destruction of waste from undifferentiated deposition

Service rendered at the Energy Recovery Center, and at Landfills, for disposal. The discharge license for destruction involves the payment of a destruction fee.

Environmental education

Valorsul carries out visits to the different facilities, awareness and training sessions in schools and companies, pedagogical and institutional publications, among other services and structural programs, of which the Ecovalor Program stands out.

​Fueling of vehicles with natural gas

In order to contribute to the reduction of the air pollution caused by the vehicles of waste transport, Valorsul has built a gas supply station for Natural Gas (CNG), located next to the headquarters of the company in São João da Talha. This is where the fleets of waste transport vehicles, adapted to operate with CNG and operated by the municipalities, are supplied at controlled prices. This station is not open for use by other private cars.