Valorsul's activity embodies the principles of circular economy. What would otherwise be a waste, after processing and recovery, becomes raw material not leaving the production circuit. Our products and services are examples of this new paradigm.


Valorsul sells energy for the National Electric Network. This is the main source of revenue for the company. This energy is produced mostly by the Energy Recovery Center but also in the two Sanitary Landfills and in the Treatment and Organic Recovery Station.

Energy production at Valorsul is equivalent to 510,000 barrels of oil per year.

Recycling materials from Ecocentros and Triage Centers

• Paper card
• Glass
• Packaging plastics (film, PET, HDPE, EPS, mixed plastics and ECAL)
• Packing metal (aluminum and steel)
• Non-urban plastics and / or non-packaging
• Non-packaging metals
• Wood
• Electrical and electronic waste (REEs)


Agricultural corretívo

​From the Organic Appreciation Station, Ricaterra is an organic agricultural soil remedy, usable in agriculture or in gardens, obtained from the biological degradation of organic waste that is delivered to the Organic Treatment and Recovery Station.

The use of the compound produced is especially recommended to enrich the poor soils making them more fertile and more apt
to receive new cultures. The application of this product as an organic broker of land intended for gardening practices is indicated.
and treatment of green spaces.

Added 0/31,5 for construction

From the Waste Treatment and Recovery Facility, Aggregate 0 / 31.5 (artificial aggregate from incineration sludge from urban waste) is a construction product with CE marking which has, as intended use, road construction, namely for non-attached layers of base and sub-base of road pavements.