A Sanitary Landfill is a space planned the final deposition of solid waste generated by human activity.
The base of the landfill is covered by an environmental protection system consisting of an artificial waterproofing barrier and a leachate drainage system (liquid from the biodegradation of the waste mass) in order to prevent these liquids from infiltrating the soil , directing them to appropriate treatment. Landfill slopes are also coated by an artificial waterproofing barrier.

In a landfill there is also a biogas drainage network (gases from the biodegradation of the waste mass), which is sent for energy recovery or burning.

A landfill must also have an environmental monitoring system, which includes the control of leachates, biogas, groundwater, surface water and topographical changes.
When it reaches the limit of its capacity, the landfill is subject to a rigorous process of closure and adequate landscape arrangement, and may subsequently be a green space or a leisure park for usufruct by the population, in good safety and environmental conditions.