Implement and manage an integrated, technically advanced, environmentally sound system
and economically sustainable, for treatment and valorization of urban waste from 19 municipalities in the regions of Lisbon and West of Portugal.


Treating and valuing waste at Valorsul is only possible through a modern Integrated Management System
of urban waste, adequate to its quantitative and qualitative evolution. Valorsul is responsible for
for the design and implementation of this Integrated Management System that represents an optimization of the environmental, social, economic, technical and institutional options, while at the same time providing a bet on the prevention and application of different treatment and valorization options according to the different types of waste collected.


  • Ambition - to be a company of excellence, sustainable and socially responsible.
  • Efficiency - empowering our shareholders, customers, employees and the population.
  • Transparency - to show transparency in our relationship with surrounding communities.
  • Ethics - meet the highest standards of ethics in all our activities.
  • Competence - ensure high standards of professional performance in all sectors of the company, motivated by excellence in service.
  • Innovation - ensure and innovate in all sectors in search of the best solutions.



We put people first, whether it's our employees, the people we serve or our clients:

  • We develop and reward the merit of our best partners
  • We strive to create the best conditions for the people we serve.
  • We strive to exceed our customers' expectations with our service.


We are determined to contribute to our commitment to Sustainability:

  • We help and encourage populations and clients to achieve good environmental and collective practices.


We always strive to improve our performance and achieve excellence:

  • We invest innovation, competence and efficiency in our activities, with the aim of obtaining the best results.

Our goals

  • Properly manage an Integrated Urban Waste Management System, which represents an optimization of environmental, social, economic, technical and institutional options. The system provides for the application of different treatment and recovery options according to the different types of waste collected.
  • Prevent pollution at your premises, through environmental monitoring, minimizing pollutant emissions, minimizing waste generated and rationalizing water and energy consumption. Disseminate the results of monitoring with transparency, comprehensibility and regularity to all stakeholders.
  • Make known the company, its facilities and its activity. Implement awareness and environmental education actions aimed at promoting environmentally correct behavior on the part of the population.