To valorize the organic matter that can be composted, turning it into a natural fertilizer to be used in the garden or garden, and thus enriching the soil and reducing the amount of organic matter that is mixed with municipal solid waste.

Of domestic composting

  • Does not require technical knowledge;
  • It is a simple process and easy to implement;
  • Has reduced maintenance costs;
  • Reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers;
  • The compound improves the soil structure;
  • The compound acts as a "sponge", helping to retain water.

How is domestic composting done?

Domestic composting is a simple and natural process of recycling organic matter. The existence of conditions for successful composting requires that a composter be placed directly on the ground.

The first step is to place a layer of branches on the bottom of the composter, promoting aeration and preventing compaction. Subsequently, green and brown materials have to be dosed, the green (wet) peels being the fruit and vegetables and the brown (dry) dried leaves and the wood chips.

The main care to be taken is the control of humidity and aeration. Moisture control is carried out as follows: squeeze with your hand some of the material you are composing - if it drips, it is too wet - you need to join Browns; if the hand is still dry - needs to collect greens and water If the hand gets wet, it has the right moisture.

Aeration should be done once a week using a fork or other equivalent object.

The time it takes to produce the compost (natural fertilizer) depends on the monitoring of the composting process (humidity control, aeration and quantity of materials).

The compound produced is a natural fertilizer of great quality that will improve the characteristics of the soil, thus allowing to decrease the amounts of synthetic fertilizers and water used. In this way it is beneficial for plants and the environment. The compound can be applied in pots, seedlings, vegetable gardens and gardens.

Here's some information on home composting and how to build your own composter: