Separate and Winning Contest

The contest separates and wins consists of a competition between schools, of any level of education and size, of the same municipality. Schools will be awarded according to the quantities of plastic, metal packaging and separate beverage packages to recycle. It is up to those who separate more quantity in the period established by their municipality. In this school year there will be a prize (in cash) for all schools that separate more than 70 bags (which will receive at least 35 €). The winning school will be the one that will separate the most quantity and will receive a prize according to the amount reached, up to the maximum limit of 1000 €.


Increase the quantities of plastic, metal and separate beverage packages to recycle and sensitize and educate the school community, their families, and the surrounding community for the proper use of the Yellow Ecoponto.

How it works

  1. Inscription to the municipality.
  2. Assignment of equipment for separation at source: supports and bags.
  3. Periodic collection (frequency of collection to be defined by the municipality). The time period may be extended if the municipality has made this option.
  4. Evaluation and disclosure of the winners (June 2017).
  5. All schools can earn € 0.50 per bag (if they separate at least 70 bags during the school year). Winning schools will receive even better prizes per bag.

Terms of participation

The separation of the packages is carried out in transparent plastic bags, which allows an evaluation of their contents (identification of contaminants and check that the packages are always flat). It is assumed that each bag is on average 6.5 kg and this will be the reference quantity for the accounting of results

The dynamization of the competition is the responsibility of each municipality and each has its rules of participation.


Each school must send to Valorsul - - a photograph of the separate bags before each municipal collection, identified with the name of the school and date. The photograph should be informative as to the number of bags being delivered. This is a condition of mandatory participation.

Valorsul will disclose on a monthly basis in its portal and to all participating schools, by municipality, the position in which they are all located.

Audit of the process - visits will be scheduled, by sampling, to some schools and each municipality.