Estrada Militar
1600-516 Lumiar - Lisboa

Occupied zone:
3 ha

Waste origin:
Selective Collection

Materials accepted:
Glass Packaging;
Plastic Packaging;
Ferrous Metal Packaging;
Non - Ferrous Metal Packaging.

Treatment process:
Combination of manual and mechanical processes of separation, with the use of ballistic and optical separation, packaging and dispatch for the recycling industry

Maximum processing capacity:
90,500 t / year

Date of opening:
February 14, 2002

Process description

Process description

The Lumiar Sorting Center processes the materials resulting from the selective collections carried out in the Valorsul intervention area, in order to carry out their sorting according to the specifications of the different recycling industries.

The Sorting Center has, initially, an available capacity of 105 thousand tons per year, with the following processing capacities for each of the flows:

  • 30 thousand tons per year of glass;
  • 50 thousand tons per year of paper and board;
  • 25 thousand tons of packaging per year.

It uses a combination of manual and mechanical sorting processes, using ballistic separation and spectrometric optics technologies.
It integrates three differentiated circuits:
  • a separation circuit of materials constituting the paper and cardboard fraction;
  • a glass reception area for receiving, storing and shipping;
  • a separation circuit for the remaining materials - packaging fraction - including plastic (PET, PEAD, PVC and plastic film), metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) packaging and carton packaging for liquids.