The aggregate results from the energetic recovery of waste. In its launch campaign, Valorsul gives free of charge a 20-tonne load, including shipping, to the first 20 orders.


Artificial aggregate for road construction - base and sub-base.


Free offer of a cargo of 20 tons, with transportation included, to the first 20 orders.
Additional quantities only pay for shipping.
Note: Limited transportation offer within 60 km of the cargo location in Mato da Cruz.

Quality Assurance

As you know, Valorsul excels in rigor and quality.

The Valorsul aggregate is a CE marked product. It complies with European legislation and harmonized European standards. The material was studied, with excellent results, and approved by the National Civil Engineering Laboratory, which prepared its application document. This material is innovative in Portugal but is commonly used in other northern European countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany.

Environmental Benefits

The artificial aggregate of Valorsul, comes from the valorization of waste, reason why it fits in the 5% of recycled materials that obligatorily all the public works must incorporate. In addition, it is a perfect example of circular economy, sparing the use of natural aggregates, so often extracted from quarries and rivers.

Do not miss this opportunity to save on the account of your work and the resources of your planet.

All technical specifications, including certificate of compliance, application document and declaration of performance, are available below. Our technicians are also available to clarify all questions and conditions of the campaign through the number 808 200 135 or by email to

How to buy

How to buy

To begin the process of acquiring the Aggregate, please indicate the desired quantity and the contact data by e-mail or fax 219 535 935.

Following the request formulated, you will receive a purchase proposal, valid for 90 days.

After your confirmation of purchase interest, you will be contacted to schedule the Aggregate's survey.

The estimated delivery time, after acceptance of the tender, is a function of the quantity requested:

  • ≤ 50 t, immediately;
  • > 50 t, no more than 30 calendar days.

Additional information available on the document below (Conditions of Supply).

How to lift the product and transport

We are waiting for you on the scheduled date at ITVE - Treatment and Valorisation of Slag Installation, located in the perimeter of the Landfill of Mato da Cruz, 2615-625 Calhandriz - Vila Franca de Xira.

The product pick-up time is from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 12:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays.

The transportation, of the responsibility of the customer, must be carried out by a vehicle that fulfills the following characteristics:

  • • Open box for bulk cargo;
    • Clean box, so as not to change the quality of the aggregate;
    • Maximum height of the top 3.70m;
    • Removable cover to ensure dust-free transport.

The cargo will be made using Valorsul's resources. The shipment of the product will be preceded by weighing on the scale, in order to calculate the net weight to determine the value of the debt to be made by Valorsul.

Characteristics of the Aggregate

Characteristics of the Aggregate

The declared characteristics of the Aggregate 0 / 31.5 (AEIRU), of which the Essential Characteristics are highlighted, are included in the Declaration of Performance provided below. Additional Product Information, namely Product Description, Field of Application, Manufacturing and Quality Control, Application, Marketing Modalities, Experimental Analysis, Site Visits, Performance Evaluation and Receiving Tests are contained in the Application Document (DA ) 58, issued by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC).

Acesso ao Documento de Aplicação (DA) 58 via página da internet do LNEC

Added 0 / 31,5 (AEIRU)
Essential features
(Declared Value / Category)
Particle size 
(0/31.5) Category GA 85
Form of particles FI35 SI40
Particle mass (31,5mm / 4mm):

of the impermeable material

2,45±0,10 Mg/m3
of saturated particles2,35±0,10 Mg/m3
of the dry particles2,28±0,10 Mg/m3
Particle mass (4mm / 0,063mm):

of the impermeable material

2,40±0,15 Mg/m3
of saturated particles2,30±0,10 Mg/m3
of the dry particles2,20±0,15 Mg/m3
Absorption / suction of water 31,5mm / 4mm 5%
4mm / 0,063mm 6%
Limpeza f9
teor em finos (Valor limite aceite) MB≤0,7 g/kg
qualidade dos finos (Valor limite aceite) SE(10)>40
Constituintes (Valores limites aceites): Rcug ≤ 92 %  |  Rb ≤ 15 %  |  Ra ≤ 5,0 %

Rg ≤ 82 %  |  X ≤ 5,1 %  | FL ≤ 18 cm3/kg

Resistência à fragmentação / esmagamento LA45
Resistência ao atrito MDE25
Composição / teor:Sulfatos solúveis em meio ácidoAS1,0
Enxofre totalS1

Siglas constantes do quadro de Características Essenciais do Agregado:

GA 85: Agregado de granulometria extensa, verificando-se que 85 a 99% do material tem dimensão inferior a 31,5.
FI35: Categoria para um índice de achatamento inferior ou igual a 35.
SI 40: Categoria para um índice de forma inferior ou igual a 40.
f9: Categoria para os valores máximos do teor de finos, com percentagem de passados no peneiro de 0,063 mm inferior ou igual a 9%.
MB: Valor do ensaio de azul de metileno, que avalia os finos presentes no agregado.
SE (10): Valor do equivalente de areia, que avalia os finos presentes no agregado.

Categorias para o conteúdo dos constituintes:

FL: Material flutuante, em volume
Rcug: Rc (Betão, produtos de betão e argamassas. Blocos de betão de alvenarias) + Ru (Agregados não ligados, pedra natural. Agregados tratados com ligantes hidráulicos) + Rg (Vidro)
Rb: Elementos cerâmicos de alvenaria (por exemplo, tijolos e telhas). Elementos em silicatos de cálcio. Betão celular não flutuante.
Ra: Materiais betuminosos
Rg: Vidro
X: Outros: Materiais coesivos (por exemplo, solos argilosos); Diversos: metais (ferrosos e não ferrosos), madeira não flutuante, plásticos e borrachas; Estuque.
LA45: Categoria para o valor máximo do coeficiente Los Angeles, relativo à resistência à fragmentação, inferior ou igual a 45.
MDE25: Categoria para o valor máximo de resistência ao desgaste por atrito, com um coeficiente micro-Deval inferior ou igual a 25.
AS1,0: Valor máximo declarado do teor de sulfatos solúveis em ácido.
S1: Categoria para o valor máximo do teor de enxofre total.

Slag Application on Roads

Slag Application on Roads

Aggregate consumption in Western countries is very high and has a significant role in the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources in these countries. The annual production of aggregates in the European Union is 2,500 million tonnes.

It is not environmentally sustainable to exploit quarries, often located in protected areas, and to extract alluvial aggregates, when alternative materials are available.

The aggregate 0 / 31.5 - artificial aggregate from urban waste incineration slag - is a construction product, with CE Marking, produced by Valorsul whose intended use is road construction, namely for non-attached base layers and sub-base of road pavements.

This product has characteristics similar to those of natural aggregates crushed of extensive granulometry, being a reliable alternative to these aggregates.

The use of this new construction product helps save valuable space in landfills and extend the life of these facilities, with environmental and financial gains for the populations.

See more information about this new Valorsul product here