In 2012, the two Valorsul landfills, together, exported electricity equivalent to the average domestic consumption of 4,150 Portuguese households. This is an energy from a renewable source, the biogas that the waste releases during its decomposition inside the landfill. It is therefore considered a sustainable energy.

Utilization of biogas in Landfills

In the Sanitary Landfill of the West (ASO) - Cadaval

In this Landfill there is a biogas energy recovery unit equipped with a motor generator with 1063 kWh. In addition to the production of electricity, the thermal energy is used to heat the ambient air and the bathing water.
In 2012, 7,765 MWh were drained into the grid.

In the Landfill of Mato da Cruz (ASMC) - Vila Franca de Xira

Two groups of motor generators of 836 kWh each were installed recently.
In 2012, these equipments generated 13,021 MWh of electric energy injected into the public grid.